Saturday, 31 August 2013

I Don't Feel Good But I've Never Been Better!

I came home from work yesterday feeling really ill. I'm not 100% sure what was wrong with me, I just suddenly started to get the cold sweats and my whole body started to get clammy. I assume my blood sugar levels spiked as that has happened a few times before. I raced outside to get some fresh air and I ended up throwing up in the back ally outside of a sushi restaurant. I walked back into the office dripping from by brow and waited for my friend Steve (who is my boss) to have a free moment so I can tell him I have to leave. I felt really bad because I have only been at the job for a little more than a month and in my first week he sent me home because I was too exhausted to function properly. I felt a ton of guilt sitting at the bus stop and worrying that I have put Steve in an awkward position by leaving the day right before a long weekend. His wife then gives in a call to check up on me and tells me it's okay, which made me feel better but being necrotic, I still worry as I ride the bus home.

 After drifting in and out of sleep for a few hours, I heard one of my roommates and a friend of his watching Archer in the living room so I went out to join them. The show is hilarious and my roommate is pretty funny as well. His girlfriend shows up a while later (also hilarious) and we talk about mosquitoes and Degrassi JR High for a little bit. Another roommate comes home and she starts to make juggling balls. I tell them I own a set of professional juggling balls and I pulled all my unpacked boxes out of my closet to find them. Once I found them, we start taking turns juggling in the kitchen (which is also apart of the living room). My other roommate Ben shows up. He isn't around for very long but he still adds to the hilarity before he heads back out the door. We have a ton of beer in the fridge and everyone is having a few while I sit it out in my Ghostbuster PJ's like the feeble little skinny kid with blood sugar problems that I am. I kind of felt like when I did when I was a little kid at my parents cabin while I played in around the camp fire in my jammies while my Dad and his buddies drank Mad Dog beers. 

I felt some of the blood rush out of my head and my energy dropping like it did that morning so I grabbed some grapes and started to shovel them into my face in a mad race with my body to prevent me from passing out and it seemed to have worked. I may not have been able to drink with the rest of them but because I was eating grapes I felt like it was close enough to wine to hang out for a bit.

I was grateful that Steve was willing to drop by my place with my paycheck but I was a worried that when he came by that he would be upset with me for abruptly leaving and maybe thinking that maybe I had over done it like I did a month ago when he had sent me home, which wasn't the case in this situation but when he arrived he seemed to be alright and understanding. When he showed up, I stepped outside and started to close the door because I thought a discussion would take place and we might need some privacy but instead he just told me to feel better and that he would see me Tuesday after the long weekend. I felt quite a bit of pressure evaporate.

Eventually my roommate Dan left with his friend and girlfriend to go see Sharknado at The Rio theater. (jealous!) So I hung out with my roommate Elisa while she finished making her juggling balls. The juggling balls looked great and were great to juggle with, even more so than the "professional" balls I had bought for $40 over ten years ago. We started talking about how she likes to make things and she told me that she made her own hula-hoops, which blew my mind. She then brought out her Devil-sticks and I gave them a try for 5 min before needing to sit down from being light headed.

Elisa then had to go get ready to go see a friends band. She did her make up and hair and changed her cloths and when she came back out, goddammit! She looked really punk but lookin' like a million bucks! My jaw was a bit on the floor as she left for the night.

I was then alone at home more or less for the rest of the evening. I was watching Netflix and watched the new Mike Birbiglia and Doug Stanhope specials. They couldn't be different comedians from each other and I couldn't have picked two better comics to watch back to back as I thoroughly enjoyed both specials! 

Ben came home but was in and out of the door even quicker than he was earlier that evening. He was again, hilarious and very excited about something. He talked to me for a bit and seemed happy to shoot the shit but clearly wanted to get back to whatever adventure he was having and I went back to watching stand-up on TV.

Around 11 pm I stared to get really hungry which I took as a good sign so I ordered some chicken wings and a salad to be delivered. I ate all of it while watching an old school Doctor Who with Tom Baker in the role. After I was done I went to sleep.

This was the best sick day of my life.